All Her Starry Fates by Lady Grey

I read a lot of poetry and it is always lovely to read a new collection, so I was honoured to be asked to read and review All Her Starry Fates by Lady Grey.

As its title suggests, All Her Starry Fates has an ethereal feel to it, juxtapositioning everyday life problems within the landscape of a grander scheme of things. Described as a collection of courage, this collection eloquently portrays someone with a distinct lack of confidence in themselves and their decisions. The persona in the poems questions those decisions, in poems with simple phrases and varied structures throughout.

The poems vary in length but each one provokes the reader to build a picture in their head of the writer’s emotional state.  Lady Grey uses repetition to give a feeling of confusion and sense of frustration.  EE Cummings’ influence is clear in some of the poems, particularly with the use of lower case letters. This adds an air of unease to the words, as if the writer is filled with anxiety

Whilst self-doubt is prevalent throughout, there is also hope, particularly as the collection progresses. The sense that less is more works so well for this collection, as the simplicity of the poems lays bare a multitude of emotions that it is obvious that even the shortest of poems has been carefully constructed for maximum impact.

This is a lovely collection of poems that is easily readable and relatable. As an avid reader of poetry, I would highly recommend this collection for any reader. For those new to poetry, this is an easy collection to start with, and for those who are keen poetry readers, this is a wonderfully thought-provoking and well-written collection.