Guest Review by J.L.Clayton: Night People by Larry J. Dunlap

NIGHT PEOPLE, the first book in an intimate literary memoir, follows the first three of six years in the life of a young singer and his Midwestern friends as they strive for success in a coming-of-age music and romance-filled journey in 1960’s-era California and Las Vegas by Author Larry J. Dunlap.
So a friend of mine told me about this book: Night People. She said I would love it, yet I was skeptical because I’m not a nonfiction reader. However; my friend has really good taste in books so I gave this one a try. I’m very happy I did. Night People is a wonderful book, I found myself forgetting that it was a biography. It reads like a fictional book, so it was a very easy read for me. I never lost interest. Author Dunlap is such a beautiful writer. I found myself lost in the book, as if I was watching a really good movie. If you can make me forget that I was reading a biography and take me to that imaginary place, than you did a brilliant job. Bravo! I’m looking forward to reading your next book. 5ūüĆü

J.L.Clayton is the author of A Spark of Magic and A Blaze of Magic, the first two books from The Chosen Saga. She is currently working on A Ghost of Magic.

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