Guest Review by J L Clayton – The Panty Whisperer: Volume 1 by Sloane Howell

Joel – “THE MAJORITY OF MEN WANT sex just to get off. They blow their load, roll over, and fall asleep. That’s not my style though. I want you to remember my face. I want you to remember every inch of me. And you will.”
This is a sexy-oh-my-God, can I be her for the day kind of read.
Jessica Moore is at her job, she is in need of help with a project… In walks Joel Hannover, an all around cool guy, that knows how to handle the ladies. Jessica is in a hopeless marriage, she has two kids and she is feeling unattractive… Until Joel looks at her. He makes her feel alive, just like he does with every new woman who is feeling these same things. Their last day working together and Joel knows it’s now or never. Out in the garage parking lot of Jessica’s work place, Joel teases her body back to live… Something she has been missing for a while now. Okay, so sex in a parking lot might not sound too appealing to some people, but let me just say Sloane Howell has written it perfectly. There is so much want and longing, that you’ll find yourself pressed up against the car window begging for more. Or if you’re the guy… I’m pretty sure you’ll see yourself as Joel, pleasuring Jessica in ways she’s never felt before.
Bravo Sloane Howell, you did a fantastic job! Five stars.

J.L.Clayton is the author of A Spark of Magic and A Blaze of Magic, the first two books from The Chosen Saga. She is currently working on A Ghost of Magic.

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