Guest Review – How to Survive a Stuffed Bear Attack by Max Bear as told to Kris Ball – review written by Author J L Clayton

Is Max trying to have stuffed bears take over the world, or just wanting to share the love?

Get this book for your kid/kids so you can find out for yourself! So, I connected with this sweet bear Max and his human author, Kristina Ball, on Twitter. I instantly fell in love. Kristina and her sidekick Max are witty and lovable. Although I don’t read children’s books anymore, I will buy them for family members and friends. So I asked Kristina about her book: How to Survive a Stuffed Bear Attack. I asked if I could possibly get a signed copy of the book with her name and. of course, Max’s. Once I received the book, I decided to read it. I am so happy I did. Sometimes we, as adults, take life and ourselves way too seriously. For some people, it’s good to step back and remember when you were little. This was a fun, cute book that will have you wanting to go buy, or hold, a stuffed bear. If Max had his way, every person in the world would have their very own stuffed bear to love.

Here’s what it’s all about:

You think stuffed bears are nice and sweet and soft and cuddly and super lovable, right? But that isn’t always the way it is. And Max tells you why in How to Survive a Stuffed Bear Attack.

He’s usually a good little stuffed bear. Except when you bribe him with the promise of his very own Power Wheel. Then he is ready to share some pretty amazing things about stuffed bears; secret things. Like the fact stuffed bears can attack at any time. It’s true.

In this colorful picture book for children, Max shares the steps of the stuffed bear attack and the only way humans can survive them. But you can’t let Mr. Perkins, head of the Secret Stuffed Bear Council, know that Max opened his big mouth. Otherwise, he could be in serious trouble, maybe even banished from the Secret Stuffed Bear Council forever. So you can’t tell anyone you heard these things from Max. I hope you can you keep a secret.

By Max Bear & Kristina Ball
Twitter ID: @hoimeksb

About J.L.Clayton

J.L.Clayton is the author of A Spark of Magic and A Blaze of Magic, the first two books from The Chosen Saga. She is currently working on A Ghost of Magic.

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