Guest Review of Hollow Empire Episode One by J. Edward Neill & J McGuire – Written by Author J.L.Clayton

After a plague hits, only a few towns still stand. But they might cease to exist. In Hollow Empire Episode One, you get a peek into the lives of five people. Vadim, Nadya, Cassidy, Murgul and Ranier. I’ve read author Neill’s work before so I expected nothing but amazing writing and unique characters. Needless to say, he delivered yet again. This was the first time I’ve had a chance to read anything author McGuire has written, but the two authors came together and made a wonderful short. The book is only 53 pages, but you can get the first book for free on Amazon so it’s worth trying. If you enjoy it like I did, you can get the rest of the episodes. There are 6 in total.


About the author’s:
J.Edward Neill:
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 The FULL SEASON (Episodes 1-6) are now available at:

Twitter : @JEdwardNeill

John R McGuire

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About J.L.Clayton

J.L.Clayton is the author of A Spark of Magic and A Blaze of Magic, the first two books from The Chosen Saga. She is currently working on A Ghost of Magic. She has kindly agreed to write some guest reviews for me and this is the first of hopefully many.

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