Guest Review of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan by Iona McGraw

Hi. I’m Iona McGraw and I’m the eldest daughter of Lisa, your usual Segnalibro writer. For a few months now my mum has been asking me to write a review for her website. She says that it should ‘help my English skills’ but honestly I’m just doing this to prove to her that I can.
I first read Percy Jackson aged 13 but I don’t think I really took it in as I read the first book and didn’t pick the second one up for another two months. Upon reading this again recently (and for the fourth time I might add) I remembered the greatness that is this series of books. They are truly amazing, in my opinion.
This series is all about a teenage boy named Percy Jackson and the adventures he faces after learning that he is a demigod. Meaning that he has one parent who is actually a Greek god. Far-fetched I know but Riordan writes it in a fashion that makes it almost believable. The first book is where Percy finds out about his true parentage and that his father is really Poseidon, god of the sea. After his mother is captured he is taken to a special place called Camp Half-blood where young demigods go to train and defend themselves against the monsters which threaten them. Percy finds out that the gods are currently angry at him because they think he stole a bolt of lightning from the king of the gods himself, Zeus. He goes on a quest to find the lightning bolt and return it to Olympus to prove his innocence and get his other back. The story follows his quest along with his new friends Grover the satyr (Google it) and fellow demigod Annabeth, daughter of Athena.
Riordan’s writing is spectacular, with an easy to follow storyline and lots of jokes and humour thrown into the mix. It is written from the point of view of Percy and I think that Riordan really captures what I would imagine a twelve-year-old boy’s mind is like. As well as the funny storyline there are a lot of (mythologically speaking) accurate facts about Ancient Greece and the Greek gods. This book is a great way to learn about Greek mythology without even realising you’re doing it. I know for a fact that even though she protests to reading these books, my mum would really enjoy them and would learn the facts about Greek mythology she apparently craves to know. Honestly she didn’t even know who Zeus was. (Yes, I did! – Lisa)
His portrayal of the gods in modern times makes them different from the usual descriptions of the gods but also resonates with how you would imagine them to be in the twenty-first century. He describes how they now look, their modern habits and preferences and of course the type of people they look to procreate with. They give the series a sense of modernness to this book all about things people believed 2500 years ago.
The later books in the series are just as good, some even better and the follow-up series of books, ‘Heroes of Olympus’ are all up to Riordan’s usual standard of writing. This beyond amazing standard extends to his trilogy of Egyptian mythology and all the side books he has written for both. In particular, his book ‘Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods’ is also really good. I have recommended these books to everyone from my eight year old sister to my sixty-three year old grandad. It is thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to reading more of Riordan’s books in the future.

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