Guest Review of The Oxymoron of Still Life by Lynn Lamb written by author J.L.Clayton

In The Oxymoron of Still Life By Author Lynn Lamb, you get 3 short stories.
Beauty Bath: “What draws her away from reason and into peril?” I have to say, I was confused. The first story seemed like something was missing. I know it’s a short story, but there just wasn’t any real end. So, I guess you can say I was left a little unsatisfied. However, with the author leaving the storyline like she did, I can see a whole novel being made… She might already have it!
Double Entendre: “Why won’t anyone tell him how death works?” I liked this story so much better. It shows how it is to love someone and never truly let them go. The phrase, “Until death do us part” really doesn’t apply here.
Mothballed: “Will her music lead him to his fate?”
I loved this story. The author took an inanimate object and made it seem like a living human being. What great use of personification! This story was haunting, tragic and beautiful.
Overall, I give the author a 5 star rating, because even though I had a little snag at the beginning, that didn’t take away from how wonderful and mesmerizing author Lamb can write.


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