My Girl – Jack Jordan

Today is my day on the blog tour for Jack Jordan’s latest novel, My Girl. I hadn’t read any of Jordan’s work before this novel so I didn’t really know what to expect. Sometimes I think that it is good to read a book without any expectations and that is certainly the case with My Girl. I rarely get chance to read a book from cover to cover but I was compelled from the first page until the last and finished this book in no time at all.

My Girl tells the story of Paige, a woman whose alcoholism is spiralling out of control following the murder of her daughter and the suicide of her husband. She pushes away those who love and care for her and as descends to new lows, strange things start to happen that has Paige questioning her sanity as she realises that she is fast losing grip on reality.

I’ve tried to be as vague as possible in this overview so I don’t ruin the novel for future readers as this is a book that will absolutely floor you by its twists and turns. This beautifully written book puts you in Paige’s shoes as the reader learns the depths of this poor woman’s despair. My Girl is filled with pathos and it is a highly emotional read. I was regularly moved to tears and Jordan treats extremely emotive topics with such sensitivity and tact that he is able to elicit a truly sympathetic response to Paige, even when she isn’t helping herself.

My Girl is difficult to review without revealing too much, but like a few books I’ve read recently, it is one of those magical books that you wish you can un-read and read again, just so you can relive the shocks and rollercoaster of emotions that Jordan provides in this book. Jordan has struck a beautiful balance between character and plot to give the reader a perfect reading experience. My Girl deals with topics that are not particularly pleasant but the novel as a whole is just brilliant. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you like a gritty, gripping novel, you’ll love My Girl.