Progress… One month on

Today my blog is one month old and I’m overwhelmed at the support that I’ve had so far. I’ve really enjoyed setting up my site, Twitter feed, Facebook page etc. As I am not particularly technical, I’m surprised I’ve managed to get this far!

In this first month I’ve had: 887 views and 149 visitors to the website and 114 followers in Twitter. I’ve had visitors from UK, USA, Italy, Spain, Canada, Hungary, Gibralter and Isle of Man! Considering that I didn’t think I’d get any interest whatsoever, I’m gobsmacked that in a month I have had this much attention.

With this in mind, I just want to thank everyone who has visited my site so far and for all the retweets, likes and comments, all of which have been complimentary so far. I hope that this level of interest continues and I can continue to write posts that people want to read.

I want to offer special thanks to the authors who have been instrumental in the success of the site so far. Rob Sinclair, Matt Johnson and Colin L. Chapman have been very encouraging about the reviews I have written on their books, which has resulted in many more retweets and likes. As a newcomer to writing for public consumption, this support has been invaluable and a real confidence-booster.

I don’t want this to sound like an attempt at an Oscars speech but finally I’d like to thank the friends and family who have humoured me with this little project of mine. Whether you have thought it or not, you haven’t told me I’m an idiot for giving this a go and I really appreciate that!

So, onwards and upwards, hopefully. If you haven’t followed me on Twitter or Facebook yet, I’d be really grateful if you did (no obligation, obviously!) In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on books, poems or topics you’d like me to have a go at, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks again!xxx