Surviving Faith by Joy Eileen

In August 2015, I embarked on my first blog tour for Breaking Faith, the debut novel by Joy Eileen. Whilst slow to get going, I found myself gripped and heavily invested in Faith’s rehabilitation following the end of an abusive relationship. She falls in love with the lead singer of the JackHoles, a band on the verge of the big time, and is on the precipice of a potential relationship with the enigmatic Killian. I loved this book and was really excited to read the next instalment of the JackHoles series, Surviving Faith.

I had the pleasure of reading this last week and Eileen does not disappoint. Much quicker paced than Breaking Faith, Surviving Faith shows Faith’s reticence in fully committing to Kill, scared to be broken hearted again when Kill inevitably hits the big time. As Faith’s concerns are mirrored through the relationships of her friends, the reader is left wondering if Faith is going to get her happy ending.

Eileen has certainly upped her game in this book. I couldn’t put it down. She takes the reader through a series of trials and tribulations that leaves them championing Faith to grasp her happy ending with both hands. Eileen builds the tension, sexual and otherwise, throughout, which invokes a variety of emotions for the reader, making this s thoroughly enjoyable read.

This novel is also a thriller of sorts and, while I did guess the plot twist fairly early on, it didn’t make me enjoy the book any less. In fact, it encouraged me to spot the clues leading up to the big reveal.

I loved the first book and I love the second book even more. Faith is a wonderfully rich character, as are the JackHoles, Kill, in particular. Eileen has done a brilliant job with this book and I have no doubt that the next instalment will be fantastic too.