When Lisa met Louise…

Last night, I went to Waterstones in York to see the lovely Louise Beech at the launch of her new book, The Mountain In My Shoe. I was very excited to meet the writer of one of the best books I’ve read this year, How To Be Brave. I was also a little nervous. Having never been to a book launch before, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. However, with my fantastic friend Alison, we found our way there, albeit a tad late.

There’s one thing you should know about me. Whilst I can articulate myself pretty well in writing, actually engaging my brain in sync with my mouth is a skill that alludes me, particularly when I’m nervous. Also, because I’m aware that I can quite often sound like a moron when I try to have a conversation with someone I’ve not met before (and sometimes people I know😊), this increases my nervousness, thus increasing my incessant babbling.

I needn’t have been concerned, though. Louise was absolutely lovely, gracious, funny and put me at ease straight away. Once we had got over her surprise that I am, in fact, a brunette and not the blonde she had expected, she gave me a big hug and my nerves (more or less) dissipated. There’s always that danger that you will meet someone who you have an online rapport with and you’ll be disappointed that it isn’t the same as when you are chatting on Facebook. However, Louise was as lovely face to face as she is online and to hear her talk about her inspirations, her writing methodology and where the characters/locations in her book came from was absolutely fascinating.

I do wish that I could have said more about how much I enjoyed her books. “Your books are brilliant” was as far as my brain-engaging-mouth deficiency would take me. If my reviews were that sparse, they wouldn’t be worth reading!! What I wanted to say was how wonderfully engaging her characters were and how the style in which she writes her books is so unique. I wanted to say how her use of books as an extra character in these first two books was inspired.

I hope that the next time I meet Louise, I can encourage my brain and mouth to work properly. I had a lovely time last night at my first book launch, as well as the hilarious journey there and back with my amazing friend. I can’t wait until the next time, hopefully a tad closer to home, so that we may not get lost this time!

Thank you for the invite, Louise, and I promise I will do my best to sound more articulate next time we meet!😊

Look out for my review of The Mountain In My Shoe as part of the blog tour on 20th October.